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Kings Gameday: Aaaaand We're Back

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The Kings are back, and I forgot about all their problems up until right now

Wash away the bad memories
Wash away the bad memories
Christian Petersen

The last we saw of the Los Angeles Kings was a 2-1 overtime victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets thanks to everyone's favorite punching bag, Robyn Regehr. Then the Olympics mercifully came along. It was a great chance for some of the Kings to get some rest, others to get some work, and for Dustin Brown to play alright-ish on a larger stage when he really could have used some time off to mend those apparent injuries.

But lo and behold the NHL is back, as are the Kings. So too are the many rumors of Andy MacDonald and/or Sam Gagner joining the team, and now I recall why I was so excited for the break. That and the Kings can't score. And the defense could use a decent addition of the non "puck stopper" variety. What I mean is that the Kings are a stress inducing team because they are frustrating as hell. The Olympics were a much simpler time. All you had to do was wait for the American team's lack of depth to sink them and make fun of Chris Kunitz.

So here's your recap:

  • The Kings went 2-9 leading up to the break. Analysis: That's bad.
  • In that 11 game stretch the Kings averaged 1.36 goals for per game. ANALysis: That's bad also.
  • The Kings were also averaging 2.72 goals against per game in that period. Again, I am right in my analysis: Not great either.
  • Rumors were floating around that the Edmonton Oilers were sending Gagner over to L.A. This sort of counts as an analysis: I think everyone figured out the rumors were started by the Oilers to drum up interest in Gagner because it really didn't make a ton of sense.
  • More trade rumors, this time with the aforementioned Islanders' Andrew MacDonald. Analysis: He sucks.
  • Jake Muzzin has been up and down with his play. Earth shaking analysis: What else is new?
  • The Sharks and Ducks are ahead in the division while the Kings are edging back to being on the bubble.

Looking at it this way, I really hoped the Olympics could have gone on for another few weeks. Admittedly, I could write more doom and gloom predictions or trades or whatever, but I suppose I should probably watch the Kings again first. I guess I drank so heavily I blocked what that looked like have forgotten their recent play since it's been a while.

There are things to look forward to though. Linden Vey, Tanner Pearson, and Tyler Toffoli are all back with the team. Jonathan Quick looked good in the Olympics. Dwight King and Darryl Sutter will be making funny faces soon again. Hell, who knows? Maybe I'll even write a decent post for a change. Okay, don't count on it, but I have to promise you something to make sure you come back.

(The widget isn't working for the game preview box, but imagine this is the real one right here)


Jerk-Off 2014

Well, I am still doing this at least. Way back in the day, we had featured the Dallas Stars. It was a tie between Ryan Garbutt and Dan Ellis, Millionaire. Both move on, but I'm having Ellis as the official winner since he flipped me off. Today though has the Colorado Avalanche. They're another younger team full of guys that have yet to blossom into full blown assholes, but here's the options

Gabriel Landeskog

Stupid sexy Swedes. That and he was named captain before he was old enough to buy booze. What the hell have you done with your life?

Cody McLeod

When asked who was the player he disliked the most in the NHL, Jim Fox's answer...Cody McLeod. Also, he is a ginger and overall seems like a total goober.

Semyon Varlamov

Eh, this one I will leave up to you to decide.

Patrick Roy

Well, actually Roy is kinda awesome in that "holy fucking shit he is insane" sort of way.





Prediction: Patrick Roy rips his own scalp off and eats it.