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Ducks Gameday: Battle of California Negotiation Tips

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This is how we make our millions. Unfortunately, our millions are all in bitcoins and are therefore worthless. Blues @ Ducks.

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NHL hockey has returned, and I'm celebrating with you by talking about something else.

Since you all enjoyed the last glimpse into my inbox so much, I've decided to give you another quick peek. But this time there's some helpful business advice. Here's a great way to start a successful negotiation with potential clients.

It started earlier this month with someone approaching me to work out a deal to have some traffic sent their way from Battle of California:


My first tactic, to show that I have the upper-hand, was to ignore this potential client. This puts the pressure on them to move towards a deal more favorable to me.

Getting desperate, they sent a followup inquiry:


This, of course, is the perfect time to strike. Make sure to go in big and set the tone...


As you can see, I high-balled them a little. This way if they try to present a counteroffer of just a monster truck, I still win man. Got a monster truck.

This method is a 100% surefire way to win in all of your business dealings. I have not heard back from "Pretty Hagad" as of yet, but surely this is only because they are working with their company to secure our $50,000 and monster truck.

This is going to be so bad ass.


The SB Nation preview widget thing still isn't working for BoC. But here are some details about the Anaheim Ducks game tonight against the St. Louis Blues, over a picture of a butt:



The Ducks started to suck right before the Olympic break, and despite beating the Predators right in their final pre-break game, they're going to come back and continue to suck because why would they ever let us have nice things?