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Ducks Gameday: Remembering the 1974-75 Washington Capitals

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Holy shit. Capitals @ Ducks.

Look, the Ducks have certainly had their bad seasons, but no team comes close to the season that the 1974-75 Washington Capitals had. They hold the NHL records for fewest points (21) and fewest wins (8) in a season (though the record for most losses goes to the 1992-93 San Jose Sharks with 71). Let's take a look back...

Wins, Losses, Ties

8 – 67 – 5 or a .131 winning percentage (worst in NHL history).

At Home...

7 – 28 – 5

On the Road...

1 – 39 – 0


All 8 wins came from goaltender Ron Low, who played in 48 games. He ended the season with a 5.45 GAA, which is a worthless stat but no one kept track of more meaningful shit back in the 70s. He was backed up by Michel Belhumeur (38 games, 5.36 GAA) and John Adams (8 GAMES, 6.90 GAA), but neither of them could pull together a win. The team collectively allowed 446 goals against them that season, another NHL record (hooray!). Speaking of goals and NHL records, the 1974-75 Caps also hold the lowest goal differential record at -265.

Notes on Losses

You want more info about NHL records, you say? Sure! The 1974-75 Caps co-hold the record (along with the 1992-93 Sharks) for longest losing streak at 17 straight games. Their most embarrassing loss was handed to them by the Boston Bruins on December 14, 1974, a final score of 1-12. Or maybe by the Pittsburgh Penguins on March 15, 1975, another final score of 1-12. Close contenders are their November 10, 1974 1-11 loss against the Montreal Canadiens and their January 4, 1975 0-10 loss, also against Montreal.

Team Leaders

Tom Williams lead the team in goals (22), assists (36), and points (58).

Captain Doug Mohns scored 2 goals and had 19 assists for 21 points.

Coach Jim Anderson was replaced mid-season by George Sullivan, which didn't help at all.




The SB Nation preview widget thing still isn't working for BoC. But here are some details about the Anaheim Ducks game tonight against the Washington Capitals over this fucking image:



Capitals avenge their 1974-75 brethren, defeat Ducks 12-1.