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Sharks Gameday: Surprise Tweets of the Week!

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Taking advantage of a lazy Sunday to bring you Tweets of the Week a day early.

Former Captain of the Sabres, Steve Ott.

BOOM! Keep the readers guessing, that's my motto.

Here are the five funniest hockey-related tweets of the past week:


Without the Stars and with the Oilers, Flames, and Canucks, the Pacific Division is WAY more fun this year.


Of course we here at Battle of California were among the first to identify this inarguable fact.


Of course Ryan Miller might actually be WORSE than Jaroslav Halak, but this joke is funny nonetheless.


I would really enjoy it if this inspired a new trend of asking Bob McKenzie video game and tech support questions on Twitter whenever big news is breaking.

#1 - The Fake Dan Ellis Memorial Tweet of the Week!

That's the second week in a row The Triple Deke has had the funniest tweet of the week. Great work, Mr. Deke.

Remember, if you see a funny hockey tweet during the week and think it deserves a place in the top five, send it to me @MegalodonBOC .

Sharks Gameday

The Sharks play the New Jersey Devils at 12 PM. It's quite possible that the game already happened by the time you are reading this, so I'm not going to try to make any predictions about it whatsoever, out of fear of looking dumb.

Video Gamery: My 21st-favorite video game is Resident Evil 4. Holy crap, what a game! Am I right? Those first few levels where you have to defend yourself against an entire TOWN full of murderous Europeans? The chainsaw guys? The weird dude who sells you items?

It's just the best.