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Sharks Gameday: Russia not so bad!

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Russia is your friend.

Russia save you from enemy snake!

Hello my friends I am Mr. Megalodon and today I wish to speak to you about my friend Russia.

Russia is very good country and very great place to live in too. It has many democracy and everyone living there is alive.

Some people say that Russia is bad, but they don't know correctly. Because, as previously state, Russia is very good country.

Now Russia is in news for trouble with Crimea, which is very sad. Crimea has long time been Russian, and now we the Russians are helping to make it MORE Russian. And since Russian is so good, more Russian is more so good!

You see, yes?


Russia friendly place, and Russian president Putin friend to all animal and plant and most human. Many bad things said about Russia now on the TV and the Internets, but it is not fair. Putin is a very very very very very very nice man, and not at all murderous.

Think this way: if you have a nice car in your home, and I your neighbor like your car, that is fine, yes? And if your car votes to elect bad leader, and if your car is in a strategically important place with critical resources and access to Europe, it is fine that I come and steal your car doors and two tires, yes? Those doors and tires much happier now in my home. Everyone wins!

Now you understand.

Please stop to say bad thing about Russia and Putin. It hurts our their feeling very much, and might even make us angry. And when we get angry....

Thing get bad.

Sharks Gameday

Prediction: The Ducks once had the Pacific Division lead...just like Ukraine once had the Crimean Peninsula. The Sharks are going to take it, and no one is going to do a damn thing about it but whine.

In celebrate, here good picture from comrade Mako:


Video Gamery: My 12th-favorite video game is Deus Ex. Specifically the first one, though the new one was good too. Here's a very nice Deus Ex video for you all to enjoy.