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Who do you want the Sharks to play in the first round?

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Which possible first-round matchup do you want to see for the Sharks?

The Sharks probably won't be facing the Oilers in the playoffs this year.
The Sharks probably won't be facing the Oilers in the playoffs this year.

After thoroughly dominating the Calgary Flames last night, the Sharks have earned their 10th-consecutive playoff appearance, a feat rarely matched in NHL history and never matched by the team's California brothers:

The season isn't quite over yet, but now's the time when fans start looking at the standings every morning and checking out possible first round opponents. I've already started doing the same thing, so here are some quick thoughts on potential first-round matchups for the Sharks.

Anaheim Ducks: This would be my preferred first round opponent, as a Sharks fan. As we've discussed many many many times on Battle of California, the Ducks are shit. It would also be more fun to beat the Ducks than any other team.

Los Angeles Kings: The Kings are a very good team. It would be unfortunate to have to knock them out in the first-round. The Conference Finals feels like a better place for the Sharks to eliminate the Kings.

St. Louis Blues: It might be mathematically impossible for the Sharks to end up playing the Blues. I'm not sure, I just know that the Blues are still letting Brian Elliott play games and that means they are extremely beatable.

Chicago Blackhawks: The Blackhawks are struggling without Kane, which is awesome. It might be nice for the Sharks to play Chicago before Kane comes back, if at all possible.

Colorado Avalanche: The Avalanche are awful garbage who don't belong in the playoffs. It would be awesome for the Sharks to play them.

Minnesota Wild: Oh god so so boring. Please no.

Phoenix Coyotes: I don't give a shit about the Coyotes and I really don't want the Sharks to have to play them because it wouldn't be much fun to write about. And because I don't want it to happen that probably means it's destined to come true.

Dallas Stars: Fuck the Stars.

Vancouver Canucks: Hahaha

Let everyone know who you want the Sharks to play in the first round by voting in the poll!

Sharks Gameday

Prediction: The Sharks have made something of a habit of losing to terrible teams they definitely should beat...but the Oilers are still the Oilers, so they're going to get completely destroyed by the much much much better Sharks.

Video Gamery: My 9th-favorite video game is Skyrim. My character was a Nord who looked exactly like Douglas Murray. I named him Douglas.