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Kings Gameday: Flashback

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Fun with numbers sorta (it's not fun at all)

Back in the day, when the Kings had Simmonds and wore purple
Back in the day, when the Kings had Simmonds and wore purple
Jeff Gross

People say history has a tendency to repeat itself. This is evident as many a T.V. show and movie repeat the theme of time repeating itself, despite that it is a bit of a cliche. Whether it be Battlestar Galactica and "This has happened before and will happen again", or True Detective claiming "Time is a flat circle, man" things going around and around like an out of control Ferris wheel operated by a drunk carney is a wide held belief apparently. There's some cases of this in reality. Like invasions in Afghanistan don't go well, attacking in Russia during the winter is stupid, and whenever I eat Chinese food I need to poo 90 minutes later. Naturally, I wondered if this applied to the Kings because all my random thoughts seem to trace back to this damn blog now.

So I decided to see if there were any similarities in the season currently going on and the last full season played. Doing some research after a meal of Panda Express, I did notice an interesting trend with the Kings. First, and this isn't news, the team has not really changed too drastically from the 2012 season. If anything, the roster improved. What was interesting was that their slumps and peaks are eerily similar from the past season. Specifically right around the trade deadline.

The Kings in both seasons started off rather up and down. The first 20 games for the team in 2011/12 averaged 1.15 points per game, whereas the current group averaged 1.35 points. Same thing for the next 20 games. The past season had a bit of a dip, but this current season the Kings stayed right on pace at 1.35 points per game.

But right around the 40 game mark the Kings have had a tendency to struggle. They drop pace right around the holidays, and this current year was actually a worse turn than the old team. Through games 40 to 60 this year, otherwise known as a the Christmas to trade deadline stretch, the Kings only averaged 0.8 points a game, well off the 1.23 points per game click they managed as an average through the year. In 2012 they had the same problem only picking up 1.05 points, off the average of 1.16. You can recall recently when the Kings couldn't win to save their lives going into the Olympic break, and they only managed 0.6 points per game in that span. Obviously 2012 didn't have the Olympics, but right before the deadline the Kings couldn't win then either and only managed 0.8 points per game then also.

However, after the deadline? Solid hot streaks. In 2012, following the deadline and the Jeff Carter trade the Kings closed out with a 1.4 average, well over the 1.16 points per game they averaged. Right now the Kings since the deadline and the Gaborik pick up are on pace with...1.4 points a game (again, the average points per game this year is 1.23). The problems were the same in the craptastic periods, being that the Kings couldn't score. 2012 bad times (games 40 to 60): 1.85 2.00 goals per game. 2014's games 40 to 60: 1.85 goals per game. Crazy Pretty close, huh?

And of course, the last 22 games of the year the Kings have turned around scoring (apparently) with 3.09 goals scored in 2012, and 3.15 so far down the home stretch currently. Lastly, there is Dustin Brown, everyone's favorite guy. Headed towards the trade deadline in 2012, Brown was a inconsistent performer and people were pinning the problems on his "leadership". Following the deadline, Brown went on a tear. Sounds pretty familiar. I think you'll find it clear the NHL is a front, cleverly scripted much like the WWE. Sorry, your parents were lying to you this entire time. I think you're old enough to know now.



Okay. Here we are in the first round of the real tough voting. I give you six, you vote, top two move on. Simple stuff.

Dustin Brown, Los Angeles Kings

I don't understand the hate Sharks fans have for him. They hold on to it like Kings fans and their hatred of Ryane Clowe. Except what Clowe did to the Kings was actually illegal.

Ryan Smyth, Edmonton Oilers

Captain Crybaby.

Semyon Varlamov, Colorado Avalanche

Proven innocent. Off the list. Right?

Chris Neil, Ottawa Senators

Tenured face puncher, though let's be real, he's really the only jerk we know of on the Senators.

Barack Obama, Washington Capitals

Leader of the world? Nope, jerkiest jerk of the NHL.

Brian Hayward, Anaheim Ducks

He preservers, led on only by his desire to see Ryan Getzlaf win the Hart and to embrace him, hold him close, and whisper in his ear, "We did it, baby".

Prediction: Obama is part of the Illuminati plan for world control.