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Ducks Gameday: Good Thing No One Reads These Weekend Posts

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Not even going to half-ass this one. Ducks @ Canucks.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

My schedule got a little too hectic these past couple days, and I ran out of time to write a half-assed weekend post for you.

So I'm going with a quarter-assed weekend post, in which I simply steal and repost an old Sleektoon from the archives.

Considering Anaheim can't even pull out a win against a craphole of a team like Edmonton, and we're nice and tired from going to OT, our prospects tonight against the Vancouver Canucks don't looks so good.


That's all.


SBN's widget preview box thing still isn't working.

So you know the drill.

Ducks @ Vancouver, 7PM Pacific, CBC and KDOC.


You like this article better than anything else I've done this month.