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Ducks Gameday: A BoC Selanne Tribute

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The Ducks plan on doing a Teemu Selanne tribute tonight at the Honda Center, so we might as well do one here on Battle of California as well. Jets @ Ducks.

Earl Sleek

Because the Winnipeg Jets are in town, the Ducks have decided that tonight is a good night to do a Teemu Selanne tribute night. That makes sense, seeing as how he's, without question, the best and most important player to ever play on a Southern California hockey team, and because he's retiring this season.

Likewise, I decided today would be a good day to do a Battle of California tribute to Selanne, in which I have used the subpar SB Nation search feature to find all articles mentioning "Selanne" written by "Jared Dobias" or "Earl Sleek" and then skimmed the titles to see if they seemed Teemu-centric or not.

Of course, I left out anything written by Dunn, Megalodon, Rudy Kelly, or anyone else who is not Sleek or me, as they are not trustworthy. I probably could (should) have included Sleza's or Spade's articles, but I am incredibly lazy, you see. Which is the same reason why this list isn't exhaustive; there might be some more article I wrote that were Selanne-themed, and there are surely more Sleek articles. But no way in hell am I going through all 5 or so years of that Sleek-jerk's articles to make sure I got them all (and I'm certainly not checking out the pre-SB Nation BoC years)

And here we go...

The Sleek Years

The Jer Years

...Wow, that Earl guy sure was better than me. You idiots should have never let him go.


The SB Nation preview widget still isn't fucking working, so here are some details from tonight's game...

It's against the Jets. It's sometime later tonight, in California. It's on TV.


Selanne tears up. Fucking hold it together, Teemu.