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Sharks Gameday: Weird Jerk Genie

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Imagine you had access to a genie who was also a weird jerk. What would you wish for?

Games based on movies used to be good, sometimes.
Games based on movies used to be good, sometimes.

The NHL trade deadline is this Wednesday at 12 PM. That's Pacific time, of course, which is God's official time zone.

As we discussed last year around the trade deadline, the Bettman point has basically ruined trading in the NHL. Too many teams still believe they are in the playoff hunt in March, and so there are too many buyers and not enough sellers. This means that the actual trade deadline is likely to be anti-climactic, so we have to amuse ourselves with bizarre and unrealistic trade proposals.

Okay, fine. I can do that.

Imagine you had access to a genie who was also a weird jerk, and that genie allowed you to any crazy trade proposal you have seen floating around message boards or Twitter come true...but that trade proposal can't involve your favorite team. Which one would you pick, and why? You can leave your answers in the comments, but here is my take:

Brodeur to the Blackhawks

The Blackhawks are such an unfairly good team that the only way the Sharks have a chance to beat them is if they somehow do something monumentally stupid like trade for Martin Brodeur and start him in the playoffs. Martin Brodeur is terrible now. He should have retired years ago. In fact, for quite a while now, he's been quite clearly inferior to Ilya Bryzgalov:

It doesn't really matter to me what the Blackhawks give up for Brodeur, as long as they start him in goal in the playoffs. He's bad enough now to give up a couple of soft goals to the Sharks, and that's all it will take to swing the series in San Jose's favor.

So what do you folks think? Have you seen a more hilarious/wonderful trade proposal than this somewhere online? Let us know!

Sharks Gameday

The Hurricanes, huh? They're still a thing? Good for them!

The most important thing about this game is that the Sharks really should win it if they are going to continue to gain ground on the Ducks for the top spot in the Pacific. The Hurricanes are awful garbage, 13th place in a conference full of bullshit teams. There is no reason the Sharks should lose to a team like this...but crazier things have happened, after all.

Prediction: Raffi Torres scores a double hat trick, both of goals and of elbows.

Video Gamery: My 20th-favorite video game is Aladdin for Sega Genesis! Remember when movie video games used to be good, sometimes? That was crazy.