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Ducks Gameday: The Western Conference's Most Important Banner

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We did it! Avalanche @ Ducks.

As the San Jose Sharks taught us back in 2009, the highest level a Western Conference team can strive for is the coveted "Western Conference Regular Season Champions" banner.




Last night's win against the Kings, who must not be very good since we handled them easily all season, going 4-0-1, clinched our spot on top of the Western Conference. We also know now who our first round opponent is in the Playoffs; the Dallas Stars. Dallas? Jesus Christ, what a shit hole.

Anyway, I can't wait to see that banner hanging in our rafters!


SBNation's game preview widget is broke forever, but here is some info about tonight's game, the final of the regular season...

5:00 PM on Alti, PT

Honda Center, Anaheim, California

Colorado Avalanche


Anaheim Ducks


This game literally means absolutely nothing. Hooray!

People cheer Selanne, I bet.