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Ducks Gameday: Bleacher Report Still Sucks

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Obviously. Oilers @ Ducks.

Victor Decolongon

Hey guys, remember how the Bleacher Report sucks? Of course you do.

But just to highlight the fact, here's an excerpt from an article posted on Bleacher Report titled "5 Bold Predictions for the Edmonton Oilers 2013-14 Season" (I won't bother linking you to the full article, because I don't hate you. Also, we don't need to be legitimizing them by sending them traffic.):

The Oilers Will Make the Playoffs

Edmonton may be one or two pieces away from actually being a playoff team, and if those potential trades or acquisitions come during the season, this should be the season Edmonton finally makes the playoffs for the first time in seven years.

... That was Bleacher Report featured columnist Adam Bowen speaking, who apparently doesn't watch too much hockey.

If this is the featured prognostication allowed over there, just think of the normal rank and file writers. For fuck's sake, they'd probably allow me or even Dunn to write over there. What a shit hole.


SBNation game preview widget will never work again. So here's some details:

Tonight, 7:00 PM on RSNW, SNO, KDOC
Honda Center, Anaheim, California


Did you see how we started that game against Winnipeg the other night? Man, we're as bad as the Oilers now. We'll never win again.