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Anaheim Ducks Playoffs: Eemil Selanne Has A History of Anti-Boudreau Tweets

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It goes back further than just game four. Stars @ Ducks, game five.

Bruce Bennett

When it was announced that Teemu Selanne would be a healthy scratch for game four, lots of fans were upset. But one fan closer to the situation seemed to get more attention for voicing his displeasure.

As you've probably seen by now, here is the (since deleted) tweet that Eemil Selanne, Teemu's 18 year old son, sent out  in reaction to the news:


After the tweet got a ton of hockey media attention, Eemil deleted the tweet and told people to relax and stated it was simply a joke (foregoing the time-honored "I was hacked!" excuse):

Of course, that excuse doesn't hold up upon further scrutiny, but I'll get to that in a moment.

Prior to this tweet becoming a situation, I had no idea Eemil even had a Twitter account because I'm not the type of guy to stalk players' families. But when I took a look, I found out the account was relatively new (late October-ish), and didn't have many tweets (less than 150). Most of his timeline was rewtweets.

But I started to notice a running theme about Eemil's retweets. Below are some key RTs (and normal tweets) that paint a picture that perhaps his comments about Boudreau weren't "just a joke."

Selected Eemil Tweets and Retweets...

Yikes, okay...

Clearly Eemil has some issues with how Boudreau has managed Teemu this season (as well as some other franchise decisions). This is understandable coming from Eemil, this is his dad we're talking about here.

But from a non-familial perspective, it's hard to argue much with with Boudreau's decisions, given how much success it brought Anaheim throughout the regular season (and the type of season Teemu has been having). Eemil complains about the record of a coach who just delivered the best regular season Anaheim has ever seen. It doesn't add up.

I feel for the kid, and I love Teemu just as much as the next guy, but I can't say the Ducks would have been better off taking more ice time away from the younger players this season. It's a bummer, but it worked out.


7:30 PM on NBCS, TSN, RDS, PT Honda Center, Anaheim, California

Dallas Stars


Anaheim Ducks

Series tied 2-2


At the time of this writing, we still hadn't learned if Ryan Getzlaf is back in for Game 5, we know Stephane Robidas is out forever after being murdered by Ryan Garbutt, Matt Beleskey isn't likely to be back, and things look pretty damn bleak. Life is rough, folks.

I predict Eemil's going to be pretty bummed out.