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We Did It!

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Oh yeah! On to round two!

Sorry Mr. Quick, we're done with you!
Sorry Mr. Quick, we're done with you!
Harry How

We did it!

On Thursday night the Sharks completed their sweep of the "Mighty" Kings of Los Angeles! Woohoo!

Many expected the series between the Sharks and Kings to be a close one, perhaps even going seven games, but in the end the speed and offensive depth of the Sharks was just too much for the Kings.

San Jose now has the luxury of a few days off while waiting to see if their second-round opponent will be the hated Dallas Stars or the hated Anaheim Ducks.

Sharks fans, make sure to post your celebratory GIFs in the comments below!

Author's note: I am pre-writing this article on Thursday prior to the start of game four between the Sharks and Kings, but I'm pretty sure no changes will be needed.