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Sharks Gameday: Who is responsible for this?

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It's all going wrong oh god it's happening again oh no oh god make it stop

Moments later, Vlasic broke in half.
Moments later, Vlasic broke in half.
Thearon W. Henderson

Who is to blame for the Sharks' inability to finish off the Kings? I have a few ideas.

#1 Antti Niemi

He's terrible now! He must have caught it from Jonathan Quick.

#2 Tomas Hertl

Too many late nights at Dave and Busters, Tomas! Focus on the game you're paid to play!

#3 Dustin Brown

Apologize you fuck.

#4 Mike Brown

You suck, quit trying to act like you're good and get off the team.

#5 Marty Havlat

Why the hell are the Sharks paying you again?

#6 Jonathan Quick

You asshole, tricking the Sharks into thinking you were dogshit only to start playing decently when it really mattered!

#7 Mike Richards

Why aren't you the top line center?!

#8 Anze Kopitar

You won't be able to elude international justice forever, Anze! The people of Slovenia demand that you pay for your crimes!

#9 Jordan Speicher

Fuck this sports management major at Liberty University. What a dork.

#10 Corey Perry

Anytime something terrible happens in the world, you can bet Corey Perry is involved somehow.