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Ducks Gameday: Edmonton Classified

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Gross, bro. Ducks @ Oilers.

Their design hasn't changed since 1995, and why should it?
Their design hasn't changed since 1995, and why should it?

I did a search for "Oilers" on the Edmonton Craigslist section to see what would happen, and man is it weird. Aside from the obvious tickets listed for sale, a bunch of results came up in the classified/men seeking women section. Such as this lonely dude looking for some companionship...

CL >edmonton >all personals >men seeking women

Oilers Game

Hi there wondering if anyone would like to go to the oilers game tonight with me, mail me with a pic and I'll send you back one, have oilers game in the subject, with a few things about yourself, talk soon

Or this dude, who is clearly trying to exchange his Oilers tickets for sexual favors:

CL >edmonton >all personals >men seeking women

Do you want oilers tickets? - 30 (Edmonton)

age : 30 body : athletic

I have 2 oilers hard copy tickets, $280 face value each. If you are fit to average build, clean and serious about meeting up make me your best offer and they are yours. Reply with a pic and put your name on the title. Im 30, athletic built and clean.

But then there's this dude, who just wants to show his dick everywhere. It's not too surprising I guess, being that this is the internet and showing your dick to strangers seems to be a staple of internet activity, but Oilers fans seem like a strange target for your dick picks.

Anyway, here are the picks. Clicking on them is risky, as it will take you to the uncensored, very NOT SAFE FOR WORK versions, and nobody wants that.


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Well, I've seen enough cock for this weekend. Thanks, Edmonton.


I'm pretty sure SBNation's preview widget will never work again, but here's some info on tonight's Anaheim Ducks/Edmonton Oilers game:



We see a lot of dickery out on the ice tonight.