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Anaheim Ducks Playoffs: Let's Get This Going, I Guess.

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Jer's playoff beard update, amd the Ducks/Kings series in review. Kings @ Ducks, Game One.

Check out this dude's beard.
Check out this dude's beard.
Ronald Martinez

It was a lot of hard work offending so many slow-to-the-punch Stars fans last series, and I've already started rustling some jimmies before this Ducks/Kings series even started, so I'm going to pump the breaks for just a moment in this lazy, unread weekend post to reflect back on the regular season series that the Ducks and Kings had here on Battle of California.

Bust first, I started off the Stars series with a fresh, clean-shaven face, ready to let a brand new playoff beard take root. Let's check in on that new beard and see how things are going...


Slow, but steady progress. It led Anaheim in to round two, at the very least. Onward!

The Ducks/Kings Regular Season Series in Review

The Ducks dominated the Kings all season long, finishing with a 4-0-1 record against them:

TUE DEC 3, 2013 KINGS DUCKS 7:00 PM FINAL LAK (3) - ANA (2) SO
THU JAN 23, 2014 KINGS DUCKS 7:00 PM FINAL LAK (1) - ANA (2)
SAT JAN 25, 2014 DUCKS KINGS 6:30 PM FINAL ANA (3) - LAK (0)
SAT MAR 15, 2014 DUCKS KINGS 7:30 PM FINAL ANA (2) - LAK (1)
SAT APR 12, 2014 DUCKS KINGS 7:30 PM FINAL ANA (4) - LAK (3) SO

... Did I say "dominated?" Oh, I meant just barely skated away with victories in very, very close match-ups. With the exception of the Ducks' hilarious 3-0 shutout of the Kings that embarrassed them at Dodgers Stadium for the Stadium Series, all games were decided by one goal, with two of the games ending in a shootout. That 4-0-1 record is not as intimidating at first glance.

And given the momentum that the Kings have coming off a comeback from a 0-3 game series deficit, the Kings look pretty intimidating themselves.

Here's a look back at the posts Battle of California made this season regarding the Ducks' and Kings' games together, which, as is Battle of California tradition when two of our teams play each other, were themed:

DATE Theme Ducks Post By Jer Kings Post By Dunn
TUE DEC 3, 2013 Vin Diesel vs. Paul Walker Ducks Gameday: Furious Los Angeles Kings Gameday: Fast
THU JAN 23, 2014 Dustin Brown & Corey Perry Ducks Gameday: Die, Dustin, Die Kings Gameday: Kill Corey Perry
SAT JAN 25, 2014 California forever! Kings and Ducks Gameday: Southern California Circle Jerk
(a joint post by both Jer and Dunn)
SAT MAR 15, 2014 Dr. Quinn vs. Xena Ducks Gameday: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Kings Gameday: Xena, Warrior Princess
SAT APR 12, 2014 Rudy Kelly & Earl Sleek Ducks Gameday: Mighty Rudy Kings Gameday: King Earl

Now, before Dunn and I start getting vicious and all the Ducks/Kings fans who are not BoC-regulars show up, not understanding what exactly this place is all about, and start shitting all over the furniture and making asses out of themselves, just remember that Dunn and I love each other very much and no matter what happens, we will still love you too, gentle reader, and none of this is your fault.

Start the bloodbath.


5:00 PM on NBCS, TSN, RDS
Honda Center, Anaheim, California

Los Angeles Kings


Anaheim Ducks

Series tied 0-0


Blood and tears.