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Anaheim Ducks Playoffs: Let's Address This Perry/Carter Thing

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C'mon, this sort of thing shouldn't be happening. Ducks @ Kings, Game Three.


Most of you have probably seen this by now, but I really wanted to address something that happened between Corey Perry and Jeff Carter back on Monday night in game two that I thought we could talk about for a bit here on Battle of California. Take a look at this capture from the game... What I'm referring to is subtle, so pay attention and see if you can spot it (hover your mouse over image to begin animation):


Did you miss it? Here, let me isolate what Im talking about and slow down the video speed just a little:


With a clear view of Jeff Carter's mouth, we can clearly lip read him calling Corey Perry a "jackass" (apologies to our more sensitive readers for the harsh language, we normally like to keep this blog a family friendly place).

I must say, with Perry constantly putting up with all of this kind of harassment in the hostile work environment that the Los Angeles Kings have created, it's no wonder that he hasn't been able to perform to his full potential in this post season. Corey Perry needs to be allowed to focus on his game, rather than suffer through the verbal assaults of classless Kings players.

This is just sickening. This doesn't belong in hockey at any level, and we must find a way to eradicate it from the game.


7:00 PM on NBCS, TSN, RDS
Staples Center, Los Angeles, California

Anaheim Ducks


Los Angeles Kings

Kings lead series 2-0


Kings take game three and the league awards Los Angeles the Stanley Cup Playoffs Pacific Divisional Finals series per their new "mercy" rule. Carter uses naughty language.