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Jer and Stace vs. Failed Sharks Sportswriter Kevin Kurz

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Two nobody-bloggers make a beat writer sad.

Dead inside.
Dead inside.
Kevin Kurz's Twitter profile pic.

Comcast SportsNet's Kevin Kurz is widely accepted as one of hockey's worst beat writers. He's also fairly active on Twitter, which he uses to further prove just how terrible he is.

A few weeks ago Kurz wrote an article that was widely mocked in the Twittersphere, and Kurz took to to the social network to try to defend his good name and dumb opinions. Predictably, he only made it worse. After arguing with people all day, Kurz snapped at Stace later in the evening because he simply had enough of people laughing at him. When I pointed out that I found the situation pretty hilarious, Kurz turned his rage towards me. Good times were had by all, and a belligerent Kevin Kurz walked away just as oblivious as he ever was.

If you needed anymore reasons to follow Stace or me (and, to a less extent, Dunn) on Twitter, then scroll through the conversation below as our web presence causes a sad, sad man to fly off the handle.

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Twitter was made for idiots like Kurz, and surely we are better off for having him.

And as you can see, Stace is fitting in just find around here.

Now go follow us so that in the future you can watch these things unfold in real time...

(Unless you're Kevin Kurz. Don't follow us, Kevin.)