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Battle of California Reader Survey

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We want to pander to you, the idiot reader! Tell us how we can.

Tells us about yourself, idiot. Photo Credit
Tells us about yourself, idiot. Photo Credit
OpenClips on Pixabay

In order for the three of us benevolent bloggers to get a better understanding of the homely slobs who visit this site, we'd like to solicit some more information about you. This will help us more easily fake a personal connection with you, and we can better stimulate you with blog content best suited for your simple mind.

Please keep in mind that we are absolutely not using any of these responses for advertising purposes, as all advertising is handled directly through SBNation and they do not solicit our input (nor have they asked us to conduct this survey or share our results).

We'd appreciate your honest answers to this brief 13-question survey...

Thanks! As this is the off season and we reach a more limited readership during this time, it is likely that I will run this survey again during the hockey season. You will not need to re-submit your answers at that time. It might be interesting to see how our readership shifts during the two different time frames.

Or not.

Thanks jerks!