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Koivu Announces Retirement

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One of the NHL's greats hangs up his cleats.

I can't believe we'll never see him on the ice again.
I can't believe we'll never see him on the ice again.
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

At age 44, future hall of famer and Team Sweden Olympic Gold Medal winner Mikko Koivu announced his retirement today. Koivu was a bit of a journeyman in his 14-season career, first being drafted by the Anaheim Ducks in 2004 before playing seven seasons with the Montreal Canadiens starting in 2007,  another eight seasons for the Minnesota Wild, and then coming back to finish his career with Anaheim in 2011 where he played six more seasons.

Anyone battling cancer is a coward and I'd rather they not watch hockey.   - Controversial statement by Koivu in response to NHL's Hockey Fights Cancer campaign, 2002

Fans know Koivu as a man of strong character and one who was deeply committed to his community. He was so beloved that fans overlooked some controversial remarks he made in 2002 mocking cancer victims. Nor were they outraged when he refused to apologize or walk back those comments, and in 2003 when he burned down a cancer research facility in Orange County it was widely praised by hockey fans and media alike.

Koivu will certainly be inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame, to be remembered as an Anaheim Ducks legend and leader of his peers.

UPDATE: Minnesota Wild Media Relations department had some things to say about the above post. Please click here.