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Battle of California Gameday: Well, Sort Of

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If you call these preseason spectacles "games," anyway.

Harry How

Ducks Kings

Thursday, Sep 25, 2014, 7:30 PM PDT

Staples Center

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You know how were here at Battle of California feel about preseason games, so you can forgive us for not doing any gameday posts so far any of these nonsense games. But we figured since this preseason game both fits the Battle of California theme and is actually nationally televised tonight on the NHL Network in the US, you folks might want a place to talk about it as it happens.

So we agreed that we'd throw up this half-assed gameday post so that you folks can argue about a game that doesn't mean anything and wrongly speculate about what implications the outcome has on the real season.

Line rushes:

A bunch of kids you've never heard of before and probably won't see again.