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Battle of California Summit 2014

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We met up offline at Oggi's in Tustin and it turns out that we don't like each other in person either.

Last night, the three of us Battle of California writers met up, in real life, accompanied by Stace's husband-to-be who made sure we didn't kill each other. We watched beloved preseason hockey on a TV, and we talked business. Business such as which one of our readers we hate the most (we agreed on Megalodon).

But mostly we just drank beer and tried not to make it too obvious to each other how socially awkward we are.

Oh, and then we did this...


...Skillfully editted by Dunn in MS Paint.

As you can tell, the night was a huge success.

But in case you needed more proof of how successful it was, here's some info about the aftermath from this morning...