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Sharks Gameday: Here Come the Tears

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The Rangers are in town and it is time to yet again mourn a fallen San Jose Shark.


Many players on the Sharks have come and gone throughout the history of the team. Some we will miss, some we will forget, and some we wish we could forget. It's rare that a player spends the entirety of their career with one team; we just learn to cherish the moments that we have with these lovable chaps.

Today, I would like you to join me as we mourn the loss of Daniel Allen Boyle. He will be playing his first game against the San Jose Sharks this season while also returning to the Tank for the first time since he was sent out to pasture.

Usually these mournng posts are dripping with sarcasm and I don't actually miss the player (I'm sorry, Martin Havlat) but I actually do miss Dan Boyle. I'm sure if you've read previous blog posts and my twitter account, you probably already know that. There were many, many times throughout his tenure in San Jose where I would be pissed off at this man; he frequently frustrated the hell out of me--particularly the 2011-2012 season, until I found out he played with a broken ankle pretty much the entire second half of the season. But when Dan Boyle was good, holy shit, was he good. Obviously, he's pretty damn old now, but if we examine our current D situation, was he really the guy to get rid of this season?

Sure, LaPierre was a complete asshole and broke him, causing him to lose a step for the rest of last season, but at least he had a step to lose, unlike Scott Hannan. Sure, maybe he isn't worth the amount that the New York Rangers are paying him currently (I do recall him saying he would have taken a discount to stay in San Jose, just saying), but I don't really recall the Sharks doing anything worthwhile with the cap space that they obtained when they got rid of him, aside from signing and re-signing face punchers and re-signing Hannan.

I'm just a bitter woman who misses an extremely likable player. I watched the Rangers game against the Kings the other night and watching Dan Boyle being magical on the power play made me have lots of feelings, which initially prompted this post. I don't like the Rangers by any means, but it's cool to see him in a system that has revamped his style of play and enabled him to regain that step he had lost. Now I'm all sad. I gotta go. I'll leave you with this:

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lol Minnesota.


San Jose Sharks vs. New York Rangers

7:00pm PST

Sad Asshole Patrol Center



idk hopefully someone listens to kevin this time

Setting the Tone:

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