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ow ow ow ow ow ow fuck ow ow
ow ow ow ow ow ow fuck ow ow
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So Tanner Pearson has a broken leg. Tyler Toffoli has whooping cough or rubella or something. Nick Shore is on his way up to the NHL. I am very excited about Nick Shore. Though I would have preferred him taking Stoll or Richards' spot next season instead of having to go in because Pearson is broken. I don't have any real idea what Toffoli has that would have the team immediately saying he is out for two weeks. Oh wait. Yes I do. He probably has the mumps. I did some more extensive research into the matter.


Clearly, Tyler Toffoli has to poop a lot. Another disease that showed up in this search was a yeast infection, though I imagine Tyler Toffoli would have other questions about that besides how long he was going to be sick for. Anyways, new lines!





Fuck. This is terrible. Richards can't carry his own weight anymore, Brown needs good players around to actually be productive, and Shore is stuck with mediocre support. Plus the defense sucks now. I think. They allowed four goals again, right? I actually missed last game. Thank god, or I would have thrown my TV out my window.

leafs preview

The Maple Leafs got rid of Randy Carlyle. It was a smart move, but I liked seeing him around there. It's nice knowing some teams will forever be stuck in neutral and never a real threat. At least we still have the Sharks.

Prediction: Kings lose 4-2. Goals by Kopitar and Doughty, the All-Star boys. Kopitar then suffers a concussion and Doughty comes down with dysentery.