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Battle of California Comments of the Week (Week 14)

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A look at last week's best reader comments, as voted by readers. Comments from 1/4/2015-1/10/2015.

This is a reoccurring weekly feature that awards the "El Burrito de la Victoria" trophy to the comments with the most amount of reader "recommendations" from the prior week. All recommendations were tallied the morning this feature was posted. With any luck, this will encourage you to not only comment more often, but to be funnier.

Oh yeah, I still have to do this shit. Let's just get in to it this week...

Comments of the Week

The Best

The Minnesota Wild are having a very rough season...

Did you guys hear Zach Parise died. First Mikko Koivu retired, and now this. Tough season for those guys…

Honorable Mentions

Is Chuck Norris a garbage person, or just a Texan?

Trick Question

Texas IS garbage.

PNK was nice enough to copy and paste some information from Wikiepdia about the song "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65, which Stace recently repopularized...

Thanks for posting the cliffnotes

I was worried I would have to read the whole song

But seriously, Chuck Norris isn't funny.

if BoC just turns into threads of Chuck Norris jokes

Twitter won’t be the only thing I quit

The Worst

As chosen by me, arbitrarily...


No, you're dumb.

See you next week, idiots.