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Ducks Gameday: Did 2014 Turn Out As Jer Predicted?

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Let's check the tape. Blues @ Ducks.

On December 31st, 2013 I made ten predictions about the year that was to come, 2014. I have a great record recently when it comes to making predictions on Battle of California, so let's go back to those 2013 predictions to see how I did.

If you want the full explanation of my original predictions, see the original post. Below is a brief description of each prediction, each followed by a note on how I did.

  1. A Deep Playoff Run for the Ducks [INCORRECT]
    Well, no not exactly. Compared to 2013's first round elimination, 2014's second round elimination was marginally better, I suppose, but not exactly a deep run. At least we pushed the eventual Stanley Cup champions to game 7, I guess? Whatever. Fuck 2014.
  2. Bear Flag Revolt Redux [INCORRECT]
    While it maintained it's status as the only worthwhile state in the nation, California did not secede from the union. Too bad.
  3. The Rise of Handy Robots [INCORRECT]
    Handjob robots? They're still perfecting them. Maybe this year, folks!
  4. Party Down Movie [INCORRECT]
    Nope :(
  5. The Sharks Lose Hertl for the Rest of The Season [CORRECT]
    The Sharks did in fact lose Tomas Hertl for the remainder of the 2013-14 regular season. He returned during the post-season to take part in San Jose's epic playoff meltdown, but I'm still counting this as a win for me.
  6. Dunn Goes to Rehab [INCORRECT]
    Nope. We really need to have a talk, Dunn.
  7. 2013-14 Hart Trophy is Awarded to Ryan Getzlaf [INCORRECT]
    So, so close, as Ryan Getzlaf was first runner-up to Sidney Crosby. Getzlaf was robbed.
  8. Pogs Make a Comeback [INCORRECT]
    I'm starting to think this is never going to happen. God damn it. Maybe it's time for a Pog App?
  9. The Majority of US States Will Recognize Same-Sex Marriage [CORRECT]
    At the time of making the prediction, only 18 states recognized same-sex marriage. Today, though some are still caught up in appeals process, 36 states (plus DC) recognize same-sex marriage, and 3 states have had their marriage bans overturned (but decisions stayed during appeals) and the country is indeed a bit less of a hateful place to be, (at least in the legal sense).
  10. Team USA Takes Home Gold [INCORRECT]
    No, but the Olympics are dumb anyway.


Blues (22 - 15) @ Ducks (24 - 15)

Friday, Jan 2, 2015, 7:00 PM PST

Honda Center


Everything I say is wrong, what's the point? :(

(Ducks win 2-1, Corey Perry with the game winner).