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Be Featured on Battle of California!

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Please. Please do our work for us. We're begging you.

It's almost time for the NHL All-Star Game, which means the All-Star break has begun! And since Dunn, Stace, and I are in fact all-stars, we're taking a break ourselves. This means it's your time to shine (and by that we mean do our work for us).

For the next 5 days of the All-Star break, if you write a FanPost on virtually any subject you'd like, hockey related or not, we'll feature it on the front page. Depending on how many people participate, your post may or may not be featured for a long time, but it will be there at some point. Possibly all week if you're the only one participating!

Usually FanPosts are entirely ignored and no one even knows they exist, but during the break we'll keep an eye on everything submitted and post it to the front page as we see it come in.

There are some small exceptions to what we'll feature. You can be as mean or dumb or nonsensical as you'd like, but if you decide to be a garbage human and start using slurs or other such shenanigans, we will just delete the FanPost. You can curse like a fucking sailor, and we'll allow it, but nudity and obscene content are not allowed by SB Nation and will be removed. Everything else is still at our discretion as to if we FrontPage it, but you've seen the type of work we do ourselves, so you know our standards are already low... and now we're lowering them even further, for you! Also, if one of the three of us actually gets around to writing something during the break for some reason, our posts take precedence over FanPosts. But we're lazy, so this isn't likely to happen.

Another thing to keep in mind, for you nerds who still use an RSS aggregator like me, is that FanPosts do not show up in our RSS feed. So you should visit our site directly to keep an eye on the weird shit we'll be front-paging.

How Do I Make A FanPost?

  • Go to our FanPost section.
  • Somewhere to the left, click on the "New FanPost" button.
  • Type whatever bullshit you feel like typing, then click "Publish."

And look at that, you're all done! If memory serves correctly, you folks can't add header images in to your FanPosts. Since posts look ugly on our front-page without images, we will likely add in images ourselves for the header (or perhaps use one from the body of your post if you included something). The images we choose may or may not be relevant, and we can't guarantee you'll like them. And we don't care.

Please note that we do not monitor the site 24/7, so your post won't be immediately front-paged. We'll get to it as we get around to checking on things. And if for some bizarre reason a lot of you participate, which is probably unlikely, we might have to start some sort of queuing strategy. Oh, the fun we'll have!

This is either going to go really well, or really terribly. Good luck!