Winter Classics - Anything But

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Sight lines - nope. Quality games filled with memorable moments that transcend generations of hockey fans - nope. A unique, once a lifetime opportunity - not for fans with lots of stupid money to spend multiple times each winter. An excuse to drink beers and shell out sucker bucks on ugly jerseys which relate more to classic NHL bank accounts rather than classic moments - yep.

I admit snow bowls are mildly entertaining on TV and almost as much fun as the old NFL mud bowls but what's the point? How about a missed playoff spot due to a pile of snow or wind gust? Yes, I am a Winter Classic Grinch. I could live with "classic" but not multiple classics which are more akin to Capitalist Classics than a memorable hockey showdown.

The NHL can take a lesson from the old NFL, create a few select match ups and broadcast at the same time each year, akin to the once traditional nationally broadcast Thanksgiving day Giants-Redskins match ups. Outside of local markets how many recall the "intense action" of that boring Sharks-Kings Dodger Stadium game? I'd consider a national broadcast of a yearly repeat match up on a consistent day as a step in the right direction. However sight lines will still suck, the jerseys are still ugly and a winter setting is the proper venue for a truly "classic" outdoor hockey game

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