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Ducks Gameday: Improved All-Star Jerseys

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In which Jer uses his proven expertise to improve the All-Star jersey design. Ducks @ Canucks.

Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

You may recall my long history of redesigning jerseys for teams. You may also notice today's post is late, and I need an idea that will allow me to pump out a new post quickly, with almost zero effort...


We all know this year's All-Star jerseys were ugly. You couldn't even read the numbers on them, but I guess who cares since pretty much everyone had the same number anyway in this bizarre spectacle. And despite the jersey being a rip-off of the classic D-Generation X design, they fell flat and everyone universally hates them.

Let me help.

I decided to try to stay somewhat true to the color scheme that the NHL picked out, even though it's terrible. I'm also sticking with the butthole-crest theme of my previous designs.

Introducing a sweater that better represents the spirit of the All-Star weekend...

AS Jersey

I've replaced the cow/weather cloud-print of my previous jerseys with stars, to represent the personalities that make this event shine! And the crest, of course, represents the type of people who give a shit about the All-Star game.

(The original redesign I did was for the San Jose Sharks, and you can see the VERY NSFW version of that jersey, which former editor Megalodon refused to let me use, here).


Ducks (31 - 16) @ Canucks (26 - 19)

Tuesday, Jan 27, 2015, 7:00 PM PST

Rogers Arena


Ryan Getzlaf is still hungover from the All-Star draft, which tanks the team. Vancouver wins 3-1. Lone Anaheim goal comes from Ryan Kesler.