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Kings Gameday: Being Rich doesn't solve everything

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like sucking

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In case you missed it, Mike Richards got placed on waivers. Sent down. Demoted. Dumped. Sorta fired. Officially told he was bad at what he does.

Conclusion: Richards is no longer on the Los Angeles Kings' roster.

He's now hanging around with all the kids in the Kings' system, which I am not a fan of. They call the minor leagues the "pipeline" to the NHL, and now the Kings placed a pretty big turd in their important water supply. I guess he does take over Nick Shore's spot, which needed to be filled. Ironically, that's because Shore took his spot in Los Angeles. And while Richards has turned into a disappointment with the Kings, and his contract is bound to cause some serious issues moving forward, I forgive him

I forgive him for being the most expensive fourth line center in the NHL. He won two Cups, one while being that fourth liner. Even though the Cup winning goal this past summer generated by the fourth line didn't have him on it at the time being.

I forgive him for costing the Kings Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds. I do miss Simmonds, but Brayden Schenn seems about as effective as Mike Richards. The Kings also replaced the gap of "Brayden" on frat boy name checklist with the acquisition of Brayden McNabb.

I forgive him for never being able to shoot the puck on net, even if he had an uncontested look. It made for easy fodder on twitter, and I could always say he was drunk again.

And then there are the highlights. If I had to pick my favorite Mike Richards moment, well

To be fair, I think Kesler would have just plopped over for anyone really. I'm going to include this fight too.

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Couture got some good throws in, but broke his hand. Nice try, pony boy. Everyone on the bench was pretty excited about it, and it was testament to Richards' style of being undersized (and underskilled) yet trying really damn hard. When you're up 4-1, you can appreciate that more. Plus, there is always one person who will miss Mike.

Ignore the fact that Jeff Carter has been hanging out with Marian Gaborik a ton instead lately. And don't tell Richards. I don't think his poor little heart could take it.

preview chicago

I get why the Kings sent Richards down, in the desperate attempt that someone would be crazy enough to pick him up. But I don't really think anyone, aside from maybe the Flyers, seriously considered it. I mean, Toronto, TORONTO, said he didn't bring enough to the table to justify acquiring him. The problem with demoting him is it only saves the Kings something like less than a million dollars in cap space, and now we are treated to a bottom six of Clifford-Stoll-Williams and Andreoff-Shore-Lewis. Good god, Nick Shore best turn into a reliable 3C or I am going to shit into a blender, make a smoothie, and douse myself in a shit smoothie shower. Please get well soon, Tanner.

Prediction: Kings lose 6-3. Goals by Brown, Carter, and Toffoli. Mike Richards gets a hat trick in Manchester.