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Kings Gameday: Who's the hardest?

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Pretty self explanatory

Well, Alec seems to be enjoying it
Well, Alec seems to be enjoying it
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Since the Predators are town, talk has focused to one of the two players anyone knows of. This time it is defenseman Shea Weber. Shea Weber has ridden on the coattails of long time teammate, Ryan Suter, who is superior because he is American. Weber does however shoot the puck really, really, really hard. So hard. Incredibly hard. This talk of Shea Weber of course led to talking to Drew Doughty about Shea Weber. Which led to Drew Doughty talking about Drew Doughty, because that's what Drew Doughty does.

However, he was very humble. He is not nearly as hard a shooter as Shea Weber he confesses. Drew actually admitted he is hardly the hardest shooter on his own team. He gave that honor to Jake Muzzin. And Alec Martinez. And Matt Greene. Yeah, that Matt Greene. I don't know what happened to Drew Doughty but he is certainly sounding like he is down on himself. Drew himself:

"I wish it was harder."

-Drew Doughty

It's a common problem though. Lots of guys have this issue Drew. There's a lot of expectations and everyone wants to see the biggest, hardest shots. Guys see videos of other men with huge shots. Blasting through nets. Or smashing in boards. It's totally unrealistic.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>If you think Shea Weber doesn&#39;t shoot hard, you better think again. He only put a hole in the boards today... <a href="">#bomb</a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Seth Jones (@seth_jones3) <a href="">August 21, 2014</a></blockquote>
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Fuck, man. Nevermind.

preview perds

Hey, the Kings finally won on the road! Glad they didn't wait until the third period while I was asleep to actually start playing good. As for who has the hardest shot, I actually think Muzzin has the hardest shot. Which helps since he has the goofy eyebrows, so he can win people over with those bragging rights. Martinez I think is better at getting his shot through traffic, though Muzzin picks corners from time to time. Hm. No innuendo there. Sorry.

Prediction: Nashville wins 2-0.