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Sharks Gameday: Whoooooo cares

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Long Beach in the house
Long Beach in the house
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Full disclosure: I've been sick all weekend and my motivation is low.

I do not care about the Winnipeg Jets. I see them on the schedule and all I do is say UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Even looking at their logo irritates me. I had that same feeling when they were in Atlanta so at least that is a tradition that has lived on.

The worst part about that team is them pretending that they have any connection to the original Winnipeg Jets. Get the hell out of here. Nobody cares. Teemu was not on the Thrashers. I hate you. I hate Teemu.

I leave you with a poll at the bottom of this post. Answer this honestly or I will throw tomatoes at you.


San Jose Sharks @ Winnipeg Jets

5:00pm PST

Slurpee Toilet Store



Joe Thornton is not playing. What is the point? Sharks win, 2-1. Two goals from Patty because he has to score again one day right?

Setting the Tone:

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Awful Hockey Tattoo of the Day: