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Ducks Gameday: Greatest Moments in Ranger History

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Looking back at the Ranger's history. Rangers @ Ducks.

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Anaheim plays the Rangers tonight, so I thought we could go over the top 10 Ranger moments...

10. "The Day of Cleansing"

In this crossover episode, which continued from the Martial Law episode "Honor Among Strangers", Walker comes back from Los Angeles with Sammo Law (Sammo Hung) to track down the white supremacist Cliff Eagleton, whom they had caught but had later escaped custody. To help determine Eagleton's next target, Syndey and Gage go undercover to gather information.

9. "One Riot, One Ranger"

This two-hour premiere episode introduces Cordell Walker (Chuck Norris), a contemporary Texas Ranger. During a bank robbery in Dallas, Ranger Cordell Walker's partner Bob Mobley (Steven Ruge) is killed. Walker's new partner, Ranger Jimmy Trivette (Clarence Gilyard), has a history with one of the suspects in the robbery. Trying to solve the case, Walker discovers that the robbery could have been a test for a much bigger goal: simultaneously robbing four banks lying next to each other. After a bomb explodes in a bank across town which has just gotten in a valuable shipment, everyone goes to that bank. When the actual robbery starts at the other four banks, it falls to Walker to stop the robbers and their leader, former CIA agent Orson Wade (Marshall Teague).

8. "Survival"

A camping trip turns nightmarish when Alex is kidnapped by 3 deranged brothers, and the men (Walker, Trivette, Trent, and Carlos) must come to the rescue.

7. "Unfinished Business"

A renegade, who is a failed Texas Ranger applicant challenges Walker with his attempts to capture several escaped criminals, but he inadvertently endangers innocent civilians in the process.

6. "Showdown at Casa Diablo" (both parts)

Part 1:

The Rangers incur the wrath of a Mexican drug lord by intercepting several shipments of cannabis. Alex and Sydney were kidnapped by the drug lord at the end of the episode.

Part 2:

Walker, Trivette, and Gage go to Mexico to rescue Alex and Sydney. They work their way across the Mexican countryside to Casa Diablo. In the ensuing showdown, the drug lord and his brother are both killed.

5. "The Avenging Angel"

A professional wrestler friend of Trivette's dies, and when their search suggests that this was due to an extortion scheme against his manager by a local businessman to forcibly merge his company with their wrestling company, Sydney and Gage go undercover to gather evidence to prove it. At the end of this episode, Walker and the group receive devastating news: C.D. Parker has passed away. Guest starring Ernest Borgnine.

4. "Trust No One"

Walker must clear the name of Trivette, who's been accused in the disappearance of $5 million in counterfeit money.

3. "Fight or Die"

Walker, Trivette, and Gage go undercover inside a prison to investigate enforced prize fighting.

2. "Team Cherokee" (both parts)

Part 1:

The Rangers investigate a series of suspicious accidents involving a Cherokee Indian racing team that are being caused by Team Forbes, a rival team that wants to put them out of the race for good. Meanwhile, Trent and Carlos search for a kidnapped young girl (Sara Hickman) and rescue her from a pedophile.

Part 2:

When Brian Falcon (Michael Greyeyes) is injured in a racing accident caused by the No. 2 man on Team Cherokee (Byron Chief-Moon) who secretly betrayed the team, Walker, who had prior experience with racing, is asked to drive their NASCAR stock car as a replacement driver. This forces Team Forbes to try to destroy Team Cherokee's car before the next race. Meanwhile, after uncovering the evidence that would convict a young girl's kidnapper (Lynn Mathis), Trent's car is stolen with the evidence, promoting the Rangers to search for the thieves to recover the evidence.

1. "Whitewater" (both parts)

Alex and Walker's whitewater rafting trip becomes a working vacation when one of the rafters is murdered. Meanwhile, Trivette and CD are on the trail of an escaped convict who's headed down river in the same direction as Alex and Walker.


Rangers (21 - 15) @ Ducks (26 - 15)

Wednesday, Jan 7, 2015, 7:30 PM PST

Honda Center


Lots of horrible Chuck Norris jokes, which weren't even funny a decade ago.