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Sharks Gameday: No Sleep Till Brooklyn

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The Sharks take on gentrification hipsters brownstones projects tweed professors artisan cheesemakers stroller mafias Busta Rhymes the New York Islanders.

These gentlemen are quite rich
These gentlemen are quite rich

Pro tip: If you ever want to see the joy sucked out of anything good bit by bit, read the annotations of No Sleep Till Brooklyn on Rap Genius. Holy shit. Anyway, the Sharks travel to Brooklyn tonight to get smugged by the trustafarians of the New York Islanders. This is the Isles first season in the House Jay Z Financed after finally ditching the hallowed yet fragrant suburban Nassau Coliseum or whatever it got branded lately. Which sounds great, except "useful for hockey" was pretty far down on the list of priorities for the Barclays Center. Remember how the Coyotes used to have those elevated seats where you couldn't see the goal under you? It's like that, but a brand new arena that was built with the idea of housing both basketball and hockey. Oops.

Islanders obstructed view

A commanding view of the ice

It was nice of them to build a whole section for street scalpers to take advantage of tourists over.

Anyway, my kid made this pumpkin thing in class, which bears an uncanny resemblance to former Sharks owner George Gund III (RIP).

george gund pumpkin

Parallel art

The dead are not truly gone until nobody remembers them.

How are the Sharks doing?

Another October win, this one against the Los Diablos, their fourth in a row! Martin Jones not only almost pitched another shutout but had another goal-against waived off! Raise a banner! Also, Patrick Marleau scored again.

Sex Haver Quarterly

I subscribe to this and Details

The Kings decided to finally win a game, barely, and the Ducks got shut out again.

Sharks @ Islanders
4:30 PM Pacific

Prediction: Every single goal in the game will get waived off, for and against. These coaches are drunk on the power of replay.