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Weep openly at it

You ain't seen nothing yet
You ain't seen nothing yet
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

With the departure of Martin Jones with his aviary, Justin Williams with his goofy faces, and Robyn Regehr with his wondrous Picassoesque features the Kings are at a loss for looks. Christian Ehrhoff and Jhonas Enroth provide too many H's and not enough real fun. Milan Lucic looks like someone just decided a Mr. Potatohead wasn't the body/face and was actually a nose. This season already has me feeling like crap.


There is a chosen one who can lead the Kings and myself out of the well of despair like a brave fireman (or Sting) rescuing a small child who fell into a literal well.

king of kings

Sweet unicycling Buddha.

I give you: Beauty.

Dwight King is a saint and should be canonized, inducted into the Hall of Fame, and had his likeness bronzed and made into a statue. Every hockey arena, every capital building should have one. Carve this into the moon and whatever other planets we can manage. There is no cost too high, no sacrifice too great where this should not be our first priority as a society.

Wars will stop. Famine ended. Diseases cured. Enlightenment found. It's like he is paying homage to Regehr as well. Honorable and breathtaking. There is nothing else like this. Imagine him smiling after a goal. I don't think we are prepared mentally, physically, or spiritually.

So let me just say, thank you. Thank you so much Dwight King for being the great hero we all need in our sorry ass lives. I love you so much Big Ol' Bear.