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Sharks Gameday: Hell on earth

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Dallas is a hell on earth. Why do the players on the Dallas Stars like it?

This is what hell looks like.
This is what hell looks like.

The Sharks face the Dallas Stars in a noon game, so we can pretty much guarantee that the Sharks are going to suck. While I'm sure it's happened, I can't remember a good game being played by the Sharks before 4:00 PM Pacific in the in 22 years I've followed this team. Good thing both games this weekend are midday!

Can you feel the excitement? That's because we get to face Antii Niemi. And we're backstopped by our marginally better goaltender Martin Jones! We caught up with Antii before the game to get his thoughts on leaving the Sharks and signing with Dallas.

Antii Niemi on the Stars

Ok, thanks for your time Niemi. We also caught up with former Shark, Jason "Daddy" Demers. Hi, Jason.

Jason Demers Dallas

Ok. Well-

Jamie Benn Dallas

I wasn't talking to you, Jamie, but-

Tyler Seguin Dallas

What the fuck is wrong with you douchebags? Jesus chr-

Niemi dong

Ok, we're done here.

Dallas is a hell on earth.

Sharks @ Stars
12:00 PM (that's noon, not midnight, you morons)

Prediction: Just crushin' it, bro.