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What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

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Welcome back.


Yesterday, everyone's favorite dramedy NHL Hockey kicked off it's exciting 2015-16 season. Although some of you stuck with us here at Battle of California for one of our most unproductive off seasons ever, I know many of you didn't bother checking the site even once because you had more important things to do like devising plans to nuke mars or whatever.

Well a lot changed this summer, so here's a quick recap of everything you probably missed.


Tired of the constant sexism that barred her from much sought-after access such as NHL media credentials (and tired of us putting little bows on everything to signify her authorship here), former Sharks blogger Stace quit the blog in a rage and moved to Seattle so that she'd have nothing to do with California ever again.

Overjoyed, we replaced her with a dude, because there simply aren't enough dudes talking about sports online. Longtime BoC reader and angry commentor Shampeon has taken over all Sharks blogging duties, and he's already made quite the impression. This is good news for Dunn and I, because we've checked out of this stupid site entirely.

Jer Gets Help

Speaking of checking out of this stupid site, I went out and decided to get some help. Not the rehab type help that would probably prove more beneficial, but the bringing-in-a-smarter-blogger-to-help-cover-Ducks-gameday-posts kind of help. Cory Rosas of Anaheim Calling will now be helping me with the occasional gameday post this season.

Arby's® Bathroom Of Exccellence

Former Kings blogger Rudy Kelly created a new Battle of California monument, meant to showcase the best California has to offer. Apparently most of us misunderstood the assignment, and Megalodon and Stace never even bothered to do their parts.

... And I guess that's about it. We would have more to tell you, but some of our more ambitious plans fell through.

Welcome back, shitbags!