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Sharks Gameday: Heaven is For Real

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Good news, friends! Heaven is real!

" saw heaven?"
" saw heaven?"

It's All Saints Day/Dia de los Muertos today, and the Sharks have a game. According Wikipedia, All Saints Day "commemorates all those who have attained the beatific vision in Heaven." Sounds great! So I bring you good news. I got a flu shot and TB test the other day at a CVS "Minute Clinic," and while I was closing my eyes for the shots I had a beatific vision of heaven. That's right, friends, the Afterlife is real, and it's exactly like you would expect it to be!

Flavortown is for Real

I no longer fear death. I, in fact, pray for it.

I'm going to talk to that Todd Burpo guy about making this into a book and movie, just like he did with his future-large-adult-son Colton Burpo.

Colton Burpo

Christ, another day game. Another shitty team that will probably beat us.

Sharks @ Avalanche
12:00 PM Pacific STANDARD Time

Prediction: Heaven is a nightmare. Patrick Roy screams at DeBoer, throws a coaches challenge after a faceoff loss, then pulls his goalie with the Avalance leading and 10 minutes left in the 3rd.