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Kings Gameday: Abandoned

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Edmonton might have some issues to work out

They call this a draft bust sandwich
They call this a draft bust sandwich
Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

As easy as it is to sit around and rile up Edmonton by saying that Connor McDavid totally abandoned them, I have to say I am not really in the mood. I mean sure, McDavid did totally abandon them, because who wouldn't? It's a thankless job where a city expects you to somehow be the answer for the Edmonton Oilers not sucking entirely, but it's a clearly impossible task. I mean this is a team that managed to get worse following having three first overall picks in the draft IN A ROW.

This is a franchise that since drafting Taylor Hall first back in 2010 has a 34% winning percent. They've picked up only 41% of the points possible in this time frame. After improving each season with drafting Ryan Nugent-Hopkins in 2011 and then Nail Yakupov in 2012, they managed to fall apart even worse the next two years. They haven't had a winning season in Edmonton since 2008/2009.

So McDavid left. He may have said his arm hurt but we all know what really happened. He had enough. He said he was on his way out to get a pack of smokes at the gas station, and guess what? He's not coming back. Maybe he can return to another NHL team sneakily next year via the draft under the name David McConnor. Maybe he will just take off for the KHL until his contract expires. Maybe he ditches hockey all together and travels to Tibet and becomes a monk.

All we know for certain is you broke him Edmonton. You ruined that poor boy. But don't worry you can get another savior in the draft to destroy next year. Anyways, yeah. Not in the mood to get into this. Good luck tonight everyone.

oilers preview

The Kings, in the most Kings style of game ever, won their last outing 2-1 over the Islanders who couldn't quite break the defensive shell the Kings went into during the whole third period. It was a strange approach to take seeing as the Kings were having large stretches of the second period where they controlled play, and hemmed the Islanders in. Still, they only scored a second goal by the flukiest of methods (a rebound attempt that was more or less whiffed at and then having the puck kicked in by the Islanders' defense) so who the hell knows what approach Sutter is going to employ in this one.

Prediction: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins dresses up as a jockey and rides around on the back of Taylor Hall all night.