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Sharks Gameday: the Hall of Oh Yeah That Guy

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I induct my first player into the Hall of Oh Yeah That Guy.

"Rat" enshrined forever, or until the next significant rain
"Rat" enshrined forever, or until the next significant rain

I'm proud to announce the first player inducted into the Hall of Oh Yeah That Guy: Sharks and Flyers legend Mike Rathje. You may have a vague recollection of him.

Mike Rathje: Hall of Oh Yeah That Guy

Mike Rathje's plaque in the Hall

Whenever I can't think of a better idea, I'm going to be inducting former vaguely remembered players in to the Hall of Oh Yeah That Guy. I encourage you all to visit the Hall's gorgeous facilities (a light pole somewhere in my neighborhood).

Mike Rathje played 11 almost memorable years for the Sharks before signing a 5 year free-agent contract with the Flyers right after the lockout. Because Bobby Clarke is hilarious, and who wouldn't want to lock up an aging, huge, slow, offensively challeged defenseman long-term right after they changed the NHL rules to encourage speed and skill? Rat shockingly got injured his second year into the deal and never really recovered. As a Shark, he was most known as the whipping boy for the kind of moron fans that yell "HIT SOMEBODY!" Mike was a big player who played mostly a containment game reasonably well for the dead-puck era. His size and reach disrupted play a lot, but he never really delivered the bone-crushing hits fans craved. A half-season holdout angered Dean Lombardi (NO! I hear you saying), which is also pretty cool.

The best thing about Rathje was his all-world derp face.

Mike Rathje derp 1

Mike Rathje derp 2

Mike Rathje derp 3

Congratulations, Rat!

Sharks @ Flyers
4:00 PM Pacific

Prediction: The Sharks defense honors Mike Rathje by skating around waving their sticks and not scoring while being outhit.