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Kings Gameday: Boricanes

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The look on Brown's face is the best thing about the Hurricanes
The look on Brown's face is the best thing about the Hurricanes
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Hurricanes continue to commit the worst sin you can possibly imagine: Being absolutely unremarkable.

The only thing I manage to hate the Hurricanes for is existing and being totally forgettable. Everyone forgot they used to be the Hartford Whalers. Everyone forgot they ever won a Cup. And everyone forgets this team is still part of the NHL. How do you manage to properly hate this sad sack franchise when you routinely scroll through the league standings and realize, "Oh yeah Raleigh or Charlotte or whatever had a team. Or were they part of South Carolina? Fuck these guys? I guess? Who do the Kings play next?" You can't maintain a level of hate with something you forget about immediately afterwards.

Cam Werd? Rob Haisey? Nate Gerber? Jonathan Fault? No one knows who they hell these guys are. It's cool Michael Jordan continues his love affair with other Carolina teams since he decided to play hockey after disgracing the NBA with the Bobcats or Hornets or Clams or whatever the hell team plays out there.

Oh and the game is at 10? The same time the Carolina Panthers play their home game? Let's set an over/under of fans at this game for 30.

whalers preview

Prediction: No one watches the game, and the Kings finish the year having played 81 games instead of 82 because no one recorded the outcome.