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BoC Night at Staples, 12/22 Updated

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Gift the gift of the Battle of California to yourself this holiday season!

Join us!
Join us!

Join none of your BoC favorites, but instead Dunn, shampeon, Jer, Cory, and friends at Staples Center on 12/22 for drinking, hockey, and drinking + hockey as the visiting Shorks take on the Kings. Lend first-aid to most of the BoC writers after we're stabbed by Kings fans that look like extras from Sons of Anarchy wearing McSorely jerseys.

BoC Night itinerary

Pre-game drinks at the Yardhouse: I dunno, 6-ish?

Sharks vs. Kings: 7:30 PM

Post-game drinks somewhere?:

Ok, Spade has shamed me into choosing the Yardhouse.