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Sharks Gameday: Wild story, man

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The Wild! take on the Sharks in an exciting matchup of fucking loser teams.

This is pretty wild.
This is pretty wild.
some guy

Minnesota may be the least wild place in the U.S. by at least one definition of the word. "Let's get ripped and listen to Prairie Home Companion." Hard pass. Supposedly, the team name "Wild" (LOLOLOLOL) refers to the vast natural beauty of the state of Minnesota. I work with a woman who lives in Minnesota, and we both came back from vacation around the same time. She visited Duluth, near Lake Superior. I was backpacking in the Sierras west of Bishop. Both of us sent links to pictures around. She told me, "I thought what I saw was pretty, but then I saw where you were, and man, Minnesota is just not California." Word.

Ruby Lake, not in Minnesota

Not Minnesota.

Here's some of the Wild roster and the wildest thing they've ever done.

Ryan Suter Signed a gigantic contract for a century then complained about which side of the ice he plays on.
Mikko Koivu Painted a wall non-beige
Thomas Vanek Filed an extension on his estimated taxes
Mikael Granlund Put "Pony" on repeat for 10 minutes
Jason Pominville Ate an elbow
Jared Spurgeon Asked for Tabasco sauce once
Zach Parise Parlayed a career in Jersey into a career in St. Paul
Nino Niederreiter Announced to his family that he would not have chosen to remain neutral in WWII, and that Nazis suck
Charlie Coyle Intervened in a mugging while on acid and broke the perp's arm just for the sound of it

Wild @ Sharks
7:30 PM Pacific

Prediction: Charlie Coyle is a maniac.