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Kings Gameday: Relevancy

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The worst game of the year

Nice advertisement for fisting
Nice advertisement for fisting
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There are few times I despise more than the Carolina Hurricanes Florida Panthers New Jersey Devils Arizona Coyotes Nashville Predators Ottawa Senators just because they are boring. There's a lot of reasoning behind this. Okay, perhaps there isn't, but that is hardly my fault. I mean, seriously? Ottawa? The Senators give me absolutely nothing to go with here. There's no real reason to hate them, but there is even less reason to like them.

You can't be a fan of them if you're from Ottawa because the team doesn't even play there. You can't be a fan of them if you like their players because no one knows who the hell is on the team. Don't be a liar. You know there is Erik Karlsson and that's about it. He's probably not even real. I'm pretty sure the NHL is just feeding us old doctored footage of Oleg Tverdovsky to try and trick us into thinking Karlsson even exists. It's just a ploy to keep the Senators remotely relevant. They tried the same thing with Wade Redden before, until the Rangers gave him a huge contract only to find out he was totally fictional too.

They've been a farm team for the NHL for a long while now. They've given us their AHL stars Ray Emery, Dany Heatley, and Daniel Alfredsson. None of them could hack it in the real NHL for over a full season and they've all faded out. Now they got another bunch of "talent" with guys like Mark Stone, Chip Weasel, Mika Zibanejad, Matt Matson, JG Pageau, Frank Winklepop, Lolo Gehejello, and DJ Croissant.

The only real thing I can bring myself to loathe about the Senators, besides just being the Senators, are their jerseys. If you thought the Kings' jerseys were dull, and the logo blase, take a look at the Senators'. You will cherish your Kings jersey now. The Senators' jersey looks like it was put together on Mario Paint by a crackhead. And the logo? It makes me feel uncomfortable. It would be far more appropriate on the Predators given the look it has. Good thing the Senators' alternate logo is a big fucking "O". It must stand for "O YEAH! I forgot this team exists".

senators preview

The Kings looked hungover as hell their last game in Buffalo. I don't expect them to be any more lively in a tire center in Kanata.

Prediction: Kings lose 2-1. Goal by Doughty.