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Kings Gameday: Fashion! Turn to the left.

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In which I bail on a post again because I am far too hungover

Here's P.K. Subban at what I can only assume is an ugly sweater Christmas party
Here's P.K. Subban at what I can only assume is an ugly sweater Christmas party
Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

As you all are well aware, I am a total fashionista. And the Montreal Canadiens have the biggest fashion icon in hockey (aside from Don Cherry) on their roster. But along with being a fashionista I am also incredibly lazy. Plus there was someone way more into fashion than I am, has experienced encountering the fashion icon of Montreal firsthand, and (most importantly) was eager to blog about her experiences.

So, once again gracing Battle of California, here is friend of the blog, @racheldelrae.

As a qualified insider of the fashion industry, I have finally found purpose to my almost bachelor’s degree at FASHION SKEWL. I am here to give you a raw and intelligent analysis of P.K. Subban and his widely talked about fashion choices. He is on his way to becoming a fashion icon, and I have personally witnessed the sensation.


Recently on November 25th when PK visited New York City, a fashion capital, he took the fashion game very seriously. After the morning skate, he strutted out of Madison Square Garden wearing a powder blue statement coat. This is a true fashion risk given the dark color palettes of New York’s style. He is looking to stand out and get noticed. But not really, because the mysterious sunglasses are a clear attempt at trying to hide his face, and he kept refusing to give begging children an autograph. This type of contradiction is what the fashion world commends. The powder blue wasn’t enough for PK, as he made a stealthy outfit change and appeared after the game in a stiff blazer and top hat. He is ready for a night on the town, to indulge himself in the fashion world and network with the upper east side elite.

Quick note here: PK in the powder blue looks like he was heavily inspired by Dumb and Dumber. And way to not be cool with the fans. A real Norris winner would elbow them in the head. Right, Chris Pronger?

Observing PK inspired me to research more of his outfits. Behold the unique and brave fashion selections of Mr. Pernell Karl Subban.


PK doesn’t just want to be a style icon, but he is delving into the modeling industry, one striking pose at a time. Smile with your eyes PK!


Within the google search for PK Subban fashion, this dog came up. Imitation is the biggest form of flattery and PK doesn’t just have humans but DOGS who want to dress like him and be him.

Wait, hold on. What?


Modeling experts everywhere were stunned and bowing at the feet of PK who created a pose that models gracing the runways and magazine covers now all emulate. This pose is known as the "riding the hockey stick witches broom" pose. So extraordinary. We talked about it in all my classes for a full three hours.

That actually sounds a lot like college. Invest wisely, kids.


Here we have a fashion trend called ‘blending in.’ PK personally called the NHL Awards event planners and asked what color the backdrop was for his photo op. He knew choosing a bright and snazzy color to blend into the wall would be the most talked about outfit of the night. 10/10 PK!

Fifty bucks says Henrik Lundqvist showed up and thought PK was a valet.


There is so much to say about this outfit. Unfortunately, I can not say anything. I am as speechless and as stunned as Dustin Brown. Surely he is thinking, "Plaid AND pink? I wish I was that brave. I want a dog to dress like me."


Hats, Hats, Hats! PK can rock any kind and color in any environment. Fandog approves.

My mom has that exact same sweater, I think. However, this dog is the best. Can we vote him President?


Last but not least, PK actually embraces a casual look from time to time. Gotta always mix things up in the fashion world. The fandog tried to imitate PK’s smoldering face and I think he did a superb job.

PREDICTION: The PK fandog struts onto the ice having stolen PK’s post game clothes out of the locker room. PK is so confused he forgets how to play defense and the kings win 4-0.

It looks like Subban just now noticed that dog was dressing like him and he's not quite sure how to react. He should be stoked. Because that dog is way cooler than he is. I guess instead of David Bowie, I should have really gone with Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

Last two things: First, go visit and for all your fashion dog needs. Second, go follow @racheldelrae.