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Sharks Gameday: Toronto Holiday Traditions

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A list of some of the beautiful traditions that make Canada's only city so wonderful.

Had Phaneuf yet?
Had Phaneuf yet?
Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Toronto Holiday Traditions

  • Throwing seasonal holiday microbrews at babies in Christmas stockings
  • Gathering around the burning Leafs jersey in an empty barrel to complain about Nazem Kadri
  • Putting out a pint glass of Canadian Mist and a raw steak for Doug Gilmour on Christmas Eve
  • Going to the mall, waiting in line, and getting your picture taken while sitting on Don Cherry's lap.
  • The Running of the European Skill Players
  • Bundling up, gathering your friends, and going door to door singing Take Care (did you know Drake is from Toronto?)
  • Resenting American influence and power
  • Having snowball fights (a Canadian euphemism for railing an 8 ball of cocaine with the Ford brothers, then wrasssling with them to determine who pays)
  • Halfheartedly defending Josh Donaldson online
  • Just getting through another day of pretending to be polite and low-key while masking the burning, hateful rage underneath

Awful alert

Hertl is on the 4th line, which is all kinds of dumb. If he is injured and they're worried about his ice time, he probably shouldn't be playing. If he is not really injured and this is some sort of punishment for his play, well, DeBoer can lick my taint.

Sharks @ Leafs
4:00 PM Pacific

Prediction: The Ghost of Mats Sundin teaches the Sharks about the true meaning of having your elite talent squandered.