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Ducks Gameday: Trade Stoner, Fix the Ducks

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The Ducks were just shut out by the Buffalo Sabres, so clearly the only thing that will fix this team is a major trade.

With bigger headlines around the NHL like All-Star AHL forward Captain John Scott and the garbage pile that is the Pacific Division this season, you may have forgotten about this guy (of course unless you care about the wellbeing of animals):

Stoner Bear

That's right! Clayton Stoner, bear murderer. Earlier this season, when Ducks fans still had hope, people "protested" outside Honda Center after the league/team didn't suspend Stoner for his crimes.

Stoner protest 1

Stoner protest 2

(41 Games for Raffi and nothing for Stoner? SMH indeed. Nothing like a Raffi Torres apologist to fill out your protesting group. #FreeRaffi)

It has come to my attention (aka I googled New Jersey to see what stupid stuff was happening there) that New Jersey has a bear hunting season that has been extended by 4 days. Here's a complaint from a Facebook commenter:

"133 bears were tagged for nuisance in the state of NJ....and 472 were killed in regular hunt season. Projected 20% out of 133 tagged bears was missed by 3 tagged bears.....the hunt was extended for 4 more days…NJ Wildlife commissioner who was asked on the public radio how they came up with these numbers said "it’s to complicate to explain"……"

What better place to leave this veteran defenseman and known bear killer than with tonight's opponent the New Jersey Devils. (Stoner for Kyle Palmieri and his 13 goals. Thanks!) I know that trading such a veteran leadership gritty presence such as Clayton Stoner may not be what fans want, but it's what this team needs. If we can get John Scott to the All-Star Game, we can get Stoner out of Anaheim.


Anaheim Ducks @ New Jersey Devils

Saturday, December 18, 2015, 4:00 p.m. PST

Prudential Center – Newark, New Jersey


Kyle Palmieri scores a hat trick and then leaves the game after fighting Stoner. Oh, and the Ducks lose.

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