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Sharks Gameday: Hawk a Loogie

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Another game against Chicago, another schedule loss. Let's ignore it, shall we?

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Does this stick look tiny to anybody else?
Does this stick look tiny to anybody else?
Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

There is an annoying thing, and in the past I would usually get angry at the thing, but now it's easier to ignore it. Doing this has allowed me to focus on the things that are important (like pissing off Raffi Torres supporters and hunting down the people responsible for "The Polar Express"), but it's always at the cost of being willfully ignorant.

Who's playing well right now for...[checks schedule]...Chicago? Dunno, don't care. Have they turned their season around after starting off not so hot? Maybe. I'm sure I'll find out when it matters. Has Shithead McSexCrime been able to play well despite his off-ice "challenges"? That sentence encapsulates a worldview I don't share. Is Corey Crawford elite? Having watched Niemi for years after he won a Cup with the Hawks, I'm going to halfheartedly say "no, but I'll say whatever you want if you never bring this up again."

BoC Night update

You assholes trashed the Hotel Figueroa, forcing them to close and remodel, so we're meeting at Yard House before the game. Details in the updated post.

Sharks update

They sort of suck, but Stalock sucks more. We lost a game when Mike Brown was scratched, which means he's never going to sit again. Sharks coach Kevin Spacey is between the K-PAX and Bobby Darin portions of his career: bad ideas, mediocre execution, and what was the point of this again?

Sharks @ Hawks
4:00 PM Pacific

Prediction: A bad matchup leads to extended zone time and a goal. This happens 3-6 times.