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Sharks Gameday: Claude Giroux is a disgrace

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Claude Giroux is garbage, and everyone in Philly cheering him on should be ashamed.

Scumbag Flyers captain Claude Giroux. The C is for "coward."
Scumbag Flyers captain Claude Giroux. The C is for "coward."
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Let me be real for a moment. I cannot believe that in the last days of 2015 Claude Giroux is still playing in the NHL, and that the Flyers made him their captain. It's a disgrace, and yet another sign that Philadelphia is awful.

The guy plays dirty and then turtles when anyone challenges him on his bullshit. It's embarrassing, and really speaks to his lack of character. And he's got the C on his chest! As the captain goes, so goes the rest of the team, so the Flyers can't help but be influenced by his weasel tactics and garbage stickwork behind the play. Then he goes and boards someone, causing a line-brawl, and the fans in Philly cheer like monkeys. But where's Claude? Hiding behind the linesman, a coward, a slug-man just oozing gutless slime.

If you cheer for Claude Giroux and the Flyers, you're cheering for a team of piss-men. I mean, just look at what he did to this guy:


Never apologized, never answered for it like a man. He turtled and probably laughed about it later. Scumbag.

Flyers @ Sharks

7:30 PM Pacific

Prediction: Another dirty play by gutless puke Claude Giroux, and he'll get chased all over the ice by Tommy Wingels without stepping up like a man. Fuck!